Custom Pet Food Premix Blends

The smallest ingredients make the biggest difference when it comes to pet food safety versus toxicity. LANI handles these critical micro-ingredients so you don’t have to.

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  • Make Better Pet Food with Premix Blends

    Micro inclusions like vitamins and minerals are highly concentrated—and harder to source and blend. That’s our specialty. LANI’s micro-ingredient pet food premix blends are designed exactly to your specifications, and ground and mixed with perfection.

  • Reduce Liability

    Large pet food facilities require fast, efficient operations. Hand-adding micro-ingredients slows you down—and increases the risk of toxicity. Reduce liability by adding our premix to your formula, move to production and go to market.

How We Do It

High vitamin and mineral concentrations add risk to your pet food product. For 60 years and more, we have invested in our people, processes and technology so we have the quality capacity to take on this risk for you.

  • A bulk container tote for transporting and storing pet food on a wooden palette.

    Make Pet Food Manufacturing Simple

    LANI’s proprietary micro blend and batch staging programs allow us to deliver safer, more precise premix blends — so you can deliver unique pet food to your customers without having to worry about the risks of sourcing, storage, shelf life and other complexities of premium pet food manufacturing.

  • A delivery truck with the LANI logo on the side.

    Get to Market On Time Every Time

    From bulk receiving to milling and packaging, LANI can deliver premixes to your facility when you need it.

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