Custom Totes to Match Your Batch Size

Stop shoveling out pet food mix to right-size your totes. LANI offers custom, batch-size totes weighed out to meet your minimal tolerance requirements, saving you time and streamlining your processes.

Versatile Products

We specialize in custom totes but offer a number of other versatile solutions to meet your unique pet food packaging needs.

  • A hopper dumping grains into the back of a trailer truck.


    A trailer used to transport bulk ingredients, protecting ingredient quality while allowing for easy loading and unloading.

  • A bulk container tote for transporting and storing pet food on a wooden palette.


    Bulk containers built to transport and store pet food mix, weighed to the batch amount you require.

  • A metal, cylindrical trailer used to load and unload dry bulk.


    A metal, cylindrical trailer with a series of cone-shaped hoppers used to load and unload dry bulk into pipes running below the trailer.

  • A stack of bags filled with pet food on a wooden palette.


    Don’t need bulk? Get your pet food premix packaged into small, manageable bags.

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