A man shoveling milled minerals into a container bag in a warehouse.
A man shoveling milled minerals into a container bag in a warehouse.

More than an Ingredient Provider

For more than 60 years, we have invested in our people, processes and technology to provide mutually rewarding opportunities for our customers, employees and community.

Our People

Our team of professionals are passionate about manufacturing safe, quality pet food and are all formally trained in Quality and Food Safety. We have built a reputation as one of the most respected companies in the pet food industry – and it’s all due to our people who make it happen. Want to join our team? See if any of our open positions are a fit for you.

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A man wearing a "LANI Strong" shirt operating machinery filling a large container bag in a warehouse.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are AAFCO/FDA approved for use in pet food. We offer conventional and non-GMO ingredients for blending and resale, and we specialize in premium, commodity and micro-ingredients that are ground and mixed to the specifications you need to complete your finished good.

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A bowl of blueberries, a bowl of spices, and a bowl of almonds surrounded by brocolli, avocado, and ginger root.

Our Processes

LANI’s proprietary micro blend and batch staging programs ensure tremendous accuracy and safety in our pet food premix blends—and delivery to your facility when you need it. Our processes are designed to simplify your processes, so you can get your pet food to the shelves on time, every time.

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A man pouring a bag of milled minerals into a container.

Our Technology

LANI leverages the industry-leading ingredient validation software at industry exceeding levels. We get into the nitty-gritty about vitamin and trace mineral levels, analytical values and ingredient sources. Our technology has an in-depth focus on toxicity issues and we always guarantee accurate details and ingredients for our premix blends.

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