Our Premix Process

LANI procures premium ingredients and creates high-quality, safe, custom premixes to streamline your pet food production processes. Follow the steps below to see how it works.

  1. Step 1


    1. We receive raw materials, including micro ingredients, in bulk, supersack or bags from verified domestic and international sources
    2. Upon delivery, we inspect and test raw materials
    3. We store acceptable ingredients on site. Nothing is ever accepted or shipped without verifying product safety and quality.

  2. Step 2


    1. We blend ingredients to client specifications during the batching process.
    2. After we make batches, they are sent through our mill for uniformity and homogenous blending

  3. Step 3


    1. We can perform a variety of particle reduction methods to meet diet and customer preferences
    2. Formulas that require minor ingredient premixes or other ingredients may be reground after a secondary batching and mixing step

  4. Step 4


    *in our Brownwood facility

    1. To remove unwanted materials, we perform a final inspection and uniformity step
    2. Formulas that require minor ingredient premixes or other ingredients may be resifted after a secondary batching, mixing and milling step

  5. Step 5


    We test and inspect the final premix before proceeding to shipping.

Better Blends Make The Best Pet Food

Our 60+ years of expertise allows us to deliver safer, more precise premix blends. All so you can deliver unique pet food to your customers without having to worry about the risks of sourcing, storage, shelf life and other complexities of premium pet food manufacturing.

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