A plastic scoop with milled minerals spilling over onto a dark background.
A plastic scoop with milled minerals spilling over onto a dark background.

Fast & Precise Formula Validation

Test, validate and fulfill the requirements of your formula with our
premix—so you get the safe balance of vitamins and minerals for your
pet food every time.

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  • Backed By Industry-Leading Validation Software

    LANI leverages ingredient validation software with an in-depth focus on toxicity issues. From protein and fat to ash and trace mineral nutrients, we test ingredients coming in and premix going out.

  • Accurate Values & Ingredient Sources – Guaranteed

    We compare all vitamin and trace mineral ingredients against industry standards to ensure our premixes don’t exceed maximum levels when paired with your formula.

Validate Your Formula In Less Than 30 Days

Our bovine-free facilities produce feed grade pet food with any other protein source you can think of—from insect powder to chicken. A minimum test batch size of 2,000 lbs can be packaged into 50 lb bags, 2,000 lb totes, or bulk hopper or pneumatic trailers. Here’s how it works.

Validate Ingredients

After you supply us with your formula, we match your ingredients to a LANI ID. If we don’t have an ingredient, we can source it. All ingredients go through a rigorous quality assurance process.


A hopper dumping grains into the back of a trailer truck in a field.

Board Formula

Once we have your ingredients, we confirm our specifications with your expectations, run pricing based on current commodity prices, and board the formula for manufacturing. Once onboarded, just send us a purchase order and we will get to work. Lead times are typically around 21 days.

Two men weating hard hats and white coats talking in a processing plant.

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