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Streamline your pet food production processes with high-quality blends and custom premixes from LANI – a leading provider of premium ingredients, milling and packaging services for the pet food industry.

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Why Lani?

Better Blends Make The Best Pet Food

Our 60+ years of expertise allows us to deliver safer, more precise premix blends — so you can deliver unique pet food to your customers without having to worry about the risks of sourcing, storage, shelf life and other complexities of premium pet food manufacturing.

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    Committed to Quality

    We never cut corners. Our fully automated batching and processing and lot tracking system provides strict quality and safety controls, and our inbound and outbound ingredient testing ensures that nothing is ever accepted or shipped without verifying product safety and quality.

    • SQF Level 2 certified
    • Safe Feed/Safe Food certified
    • MSC & AFIS certified
    • Fully compliant with EU 1774
    • Organic certified facility

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    900+ Ingredients

    We specialize in premium, commodity, and micro-ingredients — and grinding and mixing them up to your exact specification, so it’s always right for your finished good.

    • Organic certified ingredients
    • AAFCO/FDA approved for use in pet food
    • Conventional and non-GMO ingredients available for blending and resale

What we do

Custom Pet Food Nutrition Solutions

  • Procurement

    Get the ingredients you need exactly when you need them—at the best price in the industry.

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    Formula Validation

    Test, validate and fulfill the requirements of your formula with our premix—so your pet food meets the right standards every time.

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    Order custom premix blends of conventional, organic, non-GMO and premium ingredients — making manufacturing safer and simpler.

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    Package products in hopper, pneumatic, totes or bags—and customize tote mixes to match your batch size.

  • Logistics

    Get premixes delivered to your facility when you need them.

Best-In-Industry Facilities

Our facilities offer in-house lab testing and are always bovine- and medicated-free.

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    Bern, KS (Headquarters)

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    Seneca, KS

How We Make It Happen

From bulk receiving to milling and packaging, we can get premixes delivered to your facility every week.














Looking For Passionate Pet Professionals

Our team consists of professionals that are passionate about providing safe, quality blends for pet food. Sound like you? See if any of our open positions are a good fit.

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